Vernon Lodge No. 127 celebrated its 150th Anniversary in November 2007

Unfortunately the minute book(s) for the period from the formation of the Lodge on 7th November 1857 up to and including December 1866 are missing. However from the membership books and warrant details it would appear that the Lodge was constituted on 7th November 1857 and as the following Brethren are recorded as having joined Vernon Lodge No. 127 on that date, we can assume that they were foundation members

                                  FOUNDING MEMBERS:


Campbell William Wilson  Gentleman  7/11/1857

Boyd  John  M.P.  7/11/1857

Knox  John  Samuel  Ex Lt Col Bengal Army  7/11/1857

Rowan  William  Niven  Banker (Provincial Bank)  7/11/1857

Galt  Griffin  Curtis  Gentleman  7/11/1857

Gage  Connoly  James  Gentleman  7/11/1857

M'Ilroy  Thomas  Inspector of Schools  7/11/1857

Greene  William  Francis  Solicitor  7/11/1857

Gage  Marcus*Left & readmitted    9/06/1870*7/11/1857

It is interesting to note that Boyd, Rowan and Greene were also foundation members of Vernon Lodge No.127 when it sat for a short period in Ballymoney from August 1848!

The Lodge was founded using the Jewels and working tools of Lodge 123, Coleraine which had ceased to function around February 1783 and the warrant of 123 had been re-issued - hence the change to 127.

To this day the WM, SW & JW wear the old jewels of Lodge 123 which were presented to Vernon Lodge No. 123 by W.Bro. Dominick Heyland in 5747 (Masonic Year) as the jewels are inscribed as such.

This equates to 1747 in the our current (Gregorian) calendar which coincidentally will make the jewels exactly 260 years old in 127's 150th year in 2007!